Wikipedia API Objective-C Library

With this very small library your able to load an article from wikipedia api. At the moment three different methods are provided:

// Fetches an wikipedia article from the wikipedia api  - (NSString *) getWikipediaArticle:(NSString *)name; 
// Returns the HTML page from an wikipedia article search by the name  - (NSString *) getWikipediaHTMLPage:(NSString *)name; 
// Return the Main image of an wikipedia article search by the name 
- (NSString *)getUrlOfMainImage:(NSString *)name;

Here is an example of how you should use the WikipediaHelper class:

WikipediaHelper *wikiHelper = [[WikipediaHelper alloc] init];  
NSString *searchWord = @"Elefant"; NSString *article = [wikiHelper getWikipediaHTMLPage:searchWord];  NSString *htmlSource = [wikiHelper getWikipediaHTMLPage:searchWord]; 
NSString *urlImage = [wikiHelper getUrlOfMainImage:searchWord];

You see the main image of the wikipedia article and in the bottom the loaded webview.

You will find the library and the example project in the following git project:


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