I am a sixth semester computer scientist student at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.
In my free time I like designing webpages, photographing and other stuff which belongs together with graphics/development.

Some of my projects:

  • Time related 3D-Visualization of magnetic fields
    As bachelor thesis we have to implement a time related 3D-Visualization of magnetic fields. The end product will be integrated in the already existing Software from ESA/NASA (JHelioViewer).
  • PNG Filter Implementation with a Neural Network
    In my Information Processing and Visualization Workshop at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern of Switzerland I have to develop a new PNG Predicter to optimize the compression of a PNG image. This has to be realized with a Neural Network (JavaNNS)
  • TSP solved with the Ant Optimisation Algorithm
    Travelling Salesman Problem solved with the Ant Optimisation Algorithm. MyArtificial Intelligence project at the Murdoch University, Perth. You can get the code uner my tools.
  • HTTP Webserver written in C
    My Operating Systems and System Programming project at the Murdoch University, Perth. You can get the code under my tools.
  • Hubretter Simulator
    3D Simulator for the Hubretter from the Feuerwehr Wettingen (Two Semester project at FHNW, Implemented in Java, jME, Java3D)
  • VoiceControl
    My other two Semester project is about adding VoiceControl to an existing home automation system Adhoco. Implemented in Java and CMU Sphinx running on a Beagleboard.

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